7  Technology Free Vacation Destinations You Should Consider In 2021

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Let’s be truthful to ourselves; we are an addicted Facebook generation, with a love for Twitter, e-mail,  and a quest for Google tools.

Sometimes, leaving everything behind is a good decision, you get to rest from all the pressure on the social media space. Although it can cost you money if you work remotely, the experience will blow your mind and give you a certain sense of inner peace.

You can check review sites like for other online users’ travel reviews to know their experiences regarding this kind of adventure.

Below are 7 technology-free vacation destinations you should consider in 2021:

  • Key West, Florida 

Key West is a dynamic vacation site. This gem of a town has plenty of fun for your entire family thanks to its warm breezes and relaxant tropical atmosphere. The sandy beaches and crystalline waters are a feast to the eye, and the cuisine inspired by the Caribbean is a festival to the bowels. The fare is suitable for the palate of children and adults from creamy lime pie to crunchy conch fritters. Temperate weather promises a relaxing stay. Sunsets are brilliant.

  • Seaside, Oregon

Set to take you away from your laptop and back to nature for a family holiday? Go for a beach trip to Seaside, Oregon, everybody would love it. The miles of sandy beaches deliver wonderful views of the sea and magnificent sunsets. You will listen to the gentle breeze, rolling waves, and snoring waves as you walk along the beach.

  • Helen, Georgia 

The charming Bavarian village of Helen is situated in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Georgia. This alpine German city is an amazing family getaway, surrounded by the tranquility of the mountains.

  • The Caves, Negril Jamaica

The Caves’ 11 exclusive, private cottages and condos are undoubtedly the most romantic escape in Jamaica across lush garden pathways and spectacular seaside cliffs. Rusticity is dominated by outdoor showers, big bathrooms, stone floors, and no televisions. High-quality local foods, a top-of-the-range bar, and an intimate, exceptionally attentive service make Jamaica the best of all.

  • Eremito, Parrano, Umbria, Italy

Entrepreneur Marcello Murzilli worked on the construction and creation of his modern monastery for four years to better serve his vision for an ecologically minded, electronic refuge. The stone by the stone retreat of the 21-room building using old masonry techniques is nestled on Umbrian slopes, a 90-minute drive from Rome.

  • Oceanside, California 

The wet, sunny weather during spring break offers you the ideal opportunity to keep your children away from the television. The southern coast of California is a lovely family-friendly destination for discovery and adventure.

  • Yosemite, California

Yosemite National Park is the ideal escape to raise your head from technology and mountains. There are trees and waterfalls in this vast wilderness if you are looking for a way that will get your family to relax from your smartphones and enjoy the beauty of their natural environment.

Ready to take a technology-free vacation? The above list is carefully chosen and will meet your vacation taste.